Critcial Supplier Development – Quantum Foundry Group 

Since April 2013 Rapid Allweiler has been working exclusively with the Quantum Foundry Group to develop high quality, competitive and timeous supply for all our casting needs. Initially starting with the production of Stainless steel castings, we have further developed the Quantum Foundry Group to supply all of our casting requirements. The production of cast Iron and Ductile iron was introduced in 2014 with impeller castings coming on line in mid 2015. The implication of this CSDP initiative has given us the opportunity to set the bench mark for lead times and has added enormous advantages in flexibility and delivery for our clients. Developing  this supply chain also enables us to be more responsive to our clients requirements, from specialized casting in exotic material, to castings adaptions / modifications from standard patterns.

An essential part of the foundry development was to ensure that the Quantum Foundry Group can meet our needs.  Material identification is an integral part and the Quantum Foundry Group utilizes and SpectroMaxx spectrometer specifically for this purpose.


Quantum Foundry Group operates two furnaces of 350kg each, with an annualized capacity of approximately 2000 tones. Moulds are made using a resin bonded sand on a continuous loop system,  The sand is reclaimed and reused. Quality control is handled throughout the process and is the lead responsibility of our in house Metallurgist. Materials currently being cast included Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Bronze with special alloys available on request.  Being a “ Small “ Foundry lets us be very responsive to the client demands and special request.