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Single stage end suction centrifugal pump with semi open impeller allowing it to handle solids up to 25mm.      

Back pull out feature allows for the removal of the entire rotating assembly without disturbing the suction and discharge pipe work provided a spacer coupling is fitted.      

The volute casing has horizontal suction and vertical discharge flanges.                     

150lb flanges as standard and for heavy duty applications 300lb flanges are optional (ANSI B16.5).     

The impeller is semi open with partial shrouds for maximum vane support without the high thrust that is inherent in full shroud designs. It is matched to casing for high efficiency and enables excellent passage for solids.

Wear adjustment within the bearing assembly design allows for hydraulic performance to be maintained by an external impeller adjustment, thus giving extended maintenance intervals on the pump.                

This pump offers a wide variety of features:

Stuffing box can be jacketed for heating or cooling.

Factory machined for wide range of sealing options including internal and external mechanical seals and has tapped openings for external flushing if required.

The bearing frame is constructed of Heavy-duty cast-iron with large oil reservoir and water jacket. The Oil level is monitored by sight glass. Oil seals on each end and oil breather fully protects oil from contamination while allowing for expansion and contraction of air caused by ambient temperature change (bearing isolators – optional).

The shaft is fitted with a renewable shaft sleeve with one end free to expand to handle temperature variations.                     

The wet end parts are standard in heavy duty cast stainless steel, though can be supplied in a wide variety of materials per the applications, e.g. CD4MCu, Alloy-20, Monel, Nickel, Hast-C, Hast-B, and WCB.