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Houttuin‚ a Colfax Business Unit‚ developed the original pump design that is the blue print for low pressure‚ twin-screw positive displacement rotary pumps.

 Houttuin employs specially designed and built CNC machines to manufacture its complex screw shafts to the extremely high tolerances necessary.

All pumps under go both a hydrostatic test and run test; approximating as near as possible the actual duty conditions.



Houttuin twin geared screw pumps are manufactured in small standard series or tailor made.

The standard pumps are divided into four product groups:

100 series: Horizontal single entry twin screw pumps for low range pressures (max. 10 bar) and limited capacities of aggressive chemical liquids.

200 series: Horizontal and vertical double entry twin screw pumps, covering a flow range up to 2500 m3/h at a maximum pressure of 25 bar.

211/215 series: Vertical double entry twin-screw pumps for lubricating purposes where space is limited ideally suited for the marine industry.

Engineered series 200/300: Horizontal twin screw pumps, each pump being a one off piece or part of a small series, designed and constructed according to customer specifications on, for instance, high and low viscosities, large capacities and high pressures (up to 80 bar).

In addition to standard pumps, the company specializes in tailor made solutions which meet the specific demands of each branch of industry.