• Crude Oil Transportation
  • Power Generation
  • Hydraulic Elevator
  • Fuel Oil Transport & Burner Service
  • Machinery Lubrication
  • Commercial Marine & Navy
  • Refinery Processes
  • Chemical Processing
  • Lube Oil Systems



Imo Pump manufactures rotary positive displacement three screw pumps.



Internal bearings are hydraulically balanced thus there is no load on the bearings, either axially or radially.

Operational savings can be achieved in the choice of a more compact pump as well as flexibility in handling changes to your fluid or parameter requirements.

Installation flexibility.

Low pressure pulsations and quiet operation.

Capable of handling cold start and hot run without any malfunction.

Low maintenance.

Extended service life with minimum wear.

Due to the monoblock design installation is simple ensuring pump alignment with driver.

The IMO three screw pump is ideal for handling all types of viscous fluid such as diesel fuel, lube and hydraulic oils.

OptiLine is a magnetically driven range eliminating leaks by incorporating a complete enclosure where there is no shaft extension into open air thus there is no need for a conventional seal.

“Canned” design where extremely strong rare earth permanent magnets are fixed to the pump shaft inside the “can” and are driven by a similar set of permanent magnets on the driver shaft outside the “can”.