• Increase the safety of thermal oil systems
  • Optimize cooling-water processes
  • Logging of operating points for generation of load profiles



Intelligent Pump Monitoring
Condition and operation monitoring for greater safety and lower operating costs.

 IN-1000 is an electronic and fully automated monitoring system. The modular design of IN-1000 permits easy integration into pump systems, with pre-configured settings that are the foundation of rapid, individualized startup. IN-1000 may be retrofitted at any time and allows central monitoring of up to 21 pumps with one control.

The new Smart Technology IN-1000 series is ready to handle anything from straightforward condition monitoring to more complex monitoring activities, including operation monitoring of multiple pumps for simultaneous fulfillment to ensure your safety and operating cost requirements are met.

Operations are monitored continuously and automatically, with activity logging and storage for evaluation of your process. If unusual operating conditions occur, both audible and visual alerts are  triggered and shown on a graphics-capable color display.

Because of these capabilities, maintenance and repairs can be planned in advance, there are no unplanned production downtimes or consequential damages, and maintenance intervals are extended. As  a result, expenses for maintenance and spare parts go down and the long service life of each Rapid Allweiler pump/motor assembly can be utilized to its fullest.

Modular Diagnostic System
Increase savety, maximize efficiency, and minimize costs.

Pump system monitoring for elevated protection
The early phases of mechanical seal damage is detected by collecting and monitoring the normal leakage that is required for regular operation of this seal type.

Mechanical oscillations are monitored and continuously compared to two threshold values defined by DIN/ISO 10816-3 and -7. As a result, vibrations during operation are detected before they can cause damage.

IN-1000 monitors the condition of the bearing. Changes in bearing temperature are evaluated to indicate potential wear of the bearing. Additional digital and/or analog sensors (based on specific requirements) monitor parameters such as pressure and liquid temperature.

Two Level Alert System
Maintenance personnel receive information about disturbances and/or irregular operating conditions in plain language, accompanied by visualizations on the graphical display. If the warning threshold for one of the monitored parameters is reached, a notification appears. Warnings indicate that maintenance should be planned. If the alarm threshold for one of the monitored parameters is reached or exceeded, the system will respond according to its configuration, e.g. automatic shutdown or switchover to a different pump. Alarms indicate that maintenance and/or repairs are necessary.

Data logging
IN-1000 records all sensor data with the date and time, which can be exported to a spreadsheet for evaluation purposes. Data logging identifies the pump's current operating conditions. With this information, load profiles, pressure curves, or temperature load curves, for example, can be generated in order to uncover potential for optimization. The causes and triggers of the error and alarm messages can be derived directly from the recordings.