What is Oil Mist?

Oil Mist, is a clean, lean mix of oil lubricant particles suspended in air. Made up of 1 part oil to 200,000 parts air. The particles obtained measure from 1 to 3 microns.


There are no moving parts in the head generator which is why it is maintenance free.

Clean Mix 17/15/12 or better, ISO 4406.

Cool Mix (<16°C) when exiting the mist generator.

Dry Mix (<50 ppm or less of water).

1 part oil to 200,000 parts of air = 5 ppm of oil

A mix of clean air and oil since both the oil and air are filtered and dried.

Non flammable because of the air/oil mix.

Non toxic according to the OSHA, NIOSH and IPPC standards.

Can be transported within a radius of on average 150m based on the standards of the process plants.

The importance of Oil Mist lubrication

Oil Mist Lubrication has revolutionized traditional lubrication methods and has become widely used in industry since 1979, the year in which the “Vortex” was included in the system, which considerably improved the quality and reliability of the Mist Lubricant and also modernized the control and monitoring systems in the equipments generators.


Reliability of Production - Increases the plants operational reliability by increasing that of the equipment.

Safety of Personnel and Facilities - Automation reduces exposure to toxic vapours (H2S, HF, Hydrocarbons, etc.) and reduces risks of accidents in plants by reducing routine lubrication and maintenance.

Saves cooling water - The dissipation of heat through the continuous mist lubricant flow, substantially reduces the necessity of cooling water in bearing housings.

Modernization - This best applicable technique is applied to the lubrication of bearings. In the Design of new mechanical tribo-systems it is taken into consideration (electric motors and centrifugal pumps) following ISO 13709, API 610, API 541 API 686 etc.

Rationalise costs - Substantially reduce costs direct and indirect (parts, maintenance, inventories, repairs, etc.)

Ecology - Reduce environmental contamination through degraded oils and greases, through reduced consumption.

Energy Efficiency - Reduce the demand and consumption of energy in electric motors from lower co-efficients of friction in the bearings, this applies to driven equipment and not only to motors. R O I - Due to its integrated impact the economic benefits are very high, which provides a very rapid return on investment.

Service - Total back-up provided during the operation of the system, which is included in an integrated service contract.

Successful cases, stated by customers.

Pillow blocks

The problems in the pillow blocks of the equipment in our plant have vanished after connecting a reliable Oil Mist system.                                                                                                                   

Petrochemical Complex, Mexico


We have motors of 125 and 1100 HP working efficiently with oil mist lubrication. In these the consumption of electricity has decreased by on average 5% and the bearings operate at lower temperatures. The maintenance has also been reduced to a minimum.

Gas Complex , Tabasco, Mexico

Steam Turbines

Thanks to the oil mist systems applied to preserve the bearing housings with plain bearings, avoiding the entrance of contaminants and water, the degradation of the oil has been reduced, prolonging in this way its useful life and the reliability of the equipment.