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Thermal oil pumps capable of handling temperatures up to 350˚C in heat transfer plants without the necessity for external cooling of the pump.                 

The fluids pumped must have lubricating properties and should not contain any solids or particles, as the non drive end bearing and mechanical seal is lubricated by the pumped liquid.                  

The unique heat dissipation design of the bearing housing ensures a reduced temperature at the mechanical seal faces and the bearings.                                                         

Back pull out for ease of maintenance.   

These pumps are further equipped with a safety stuffing box and throttling area in front of the mechanical seal. In case of a seal failure this prevents the pumped liquid from emerging in a hazardous quantity or manner.  With drain connection adequate piped up, the safety requirements of DIN 4754 are exceeded. (The pumps have a drain connection to ensure that any seepage past the shaft sealing can be safely drained through this connection).               

High temperature bearings are fitted where applicable).

Pump flanges according to PN 16 EN 1092-1.

No special motor or coupling guard required due to unique heat dissipation design.