• Food and Beverage
  • Paper and Cellulose
  • Soaps and Fats
  • Paint and Lacquer
  • Sewage and Waste Water Treatment
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
  • Agricultural
  • Ship building
  • Sugar
  • Pharmaceuticals



The progressive cavity pumps are self-priming, rotary displacement pumps for handling and dosing low to high-viscous, neutral or aggressive, pure or abrasive, gaseous liquids or liquids which tend to froth, even with fibre and solids content.

The pumping elements are the rotor and the stationary stator. Allweiler produces stators and rotors at their factory in Germany.    

Excellent self-priming features, even with dry substance content up to 45%.         

Available in a variety of materials making them ideal for industrial use. Stainless steel (CIP versions) are available for food and beverage production and pumping of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Allweiler is one of only a few manufacturers that produce every part of its progressive cavity pump at its plant in Germany. Stators are particularly important and must be carefully matched to the pump liquid.                     

With 20 different elastomer mixtures, the client always gets the combination that will be most economical for the application.        



The ALLOPTIFLOW series is the product of decades of optimization. Embroiling Allweilers experience using progressing cavity pumps in a wide variety of applications and industries.       

Optimization of the pumped liquid flow, distribution of Forces and lubricant flow ensure a long service life and very high operating efficiency.                                                                     

ALL-OPTIFLOW saves a significant amount of energy in any situation. Numerous design details boost efficiency and lower operating and maintenance costs. Standardisation and a service friendly design (including accessible shaft seals without pipeline disassembly) save time and reduce process interruptions.              



For all types of sensitive media.                    

With ALLCLEAN you can pump with care and precision and meet the strictest hygienic standards.

If your primary objective is to pump sensitive and high-grade media while maintaining the highest standards in hygiene, cleaning efficiency and official certification, the ALLCLEAN range will be an ideal choice.      

Cleaned by means of throughput rinsing without dismantling the pump, leaving them completely free of residue and therefore of bacteria (“CIP”: ”Cleaning in place” and “SIP”: ”Steaming in place”).                   



TECFLOW® Pumps are standard eccentric spiral pumps specially designed for wastewater and wastewater treatment technique. These pumps move liquids with fibrous and solid components of up to 10% dry substances.

The new 2/3 lobed pumping elements have significantly greater power density than the 1/2 lobed pumping elements and generate about twice as much flow volume at the same speed.

Pressure casing and stator suction casings are held together by external tie rods. The suction casings are of particularly favourable hydro-dynamical design. The sizes 381 to 5001 are supplied with staggered cleaning ports. The stator being vulcanised into a tubular casing, is provided at both ends with external collars vulcanized to it. They provide a safe seal to the suction casing and the pressure casing and also protect the stator material against corrosion.

Between the lantern base and the suction casing there is an easily accessible interchangeable mechanical seal housing. The drive torque is transmitted to the rotor via a hollow shaft and a joint shaft. The joint shaft terminates on both sides in pin joints, which are encapsulated to form a liquid-tight seal and which are of particularly simple and rugged design taking up the eccentric movement of the rotor without any difficulty. The power is transmitted from the drive shaft to the hollow shaft by a clearance-free, self-sealing clamping set.       

Shaft Seal

By maintenance-free, non-balanced and single acting mechanical seal. Installation space for the mechanical seal according to DIN 24960.      


The drive shaft/hollow shaft is carried in reinforced bearings of the geared motors or variable speed gears, which at the same time absorb any occurring axial forces.


Geared motors or variable speed gears either with our without explosion protection can be provided.                      



Stators made from Allweilers exclusive and proprietary material ALLDUR play a special role in the selection of materials.

The composition of ALLDUR is adapted to provide maximum resistance to mechanical influences. Even when used in continuous operation to pump highly contaminated wastewater loaded with solids, wear and tear is extremely low.   

The new stator is also highly elastic and exhibits high tensile strength.                       

It has high tear-growth resistance and can be used across a wide temperature range.             

You can expect up to 300% longer service life, less downtime and lower maintenance costs from ALLDUR.