• Irrigation
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Sewage Waste Water
  • Swimming Pools
  • Textile
  • Water



Designed to handle all applications where flooding has occurred and come in a variety of sizes that are widely used throughout industry.          

High efficiency impellers and volutes offer good performance.                  

Leakage of the pumped media is eliminated by tandem mechanical seals running in an oil bath.

Silicon carbide mechanical seals are fitted as standard.

If required pumps can be fitted with moisture detection probes which will isolate the pump in the event of mechanical seal failure.

The water tight electric motors incorporate heavy duty grease lubricated bearings. Available in single or three phase per application.

RABA & RABU - general purpose designed for all drainage applications.

RABL - designed for flood drainage. These pumps offer a high flow rate, and a low head.     

RAKL, RAKA & RAKF - designed to handle liquids which are chemically aggressive.                

RABFP & RABF - designed to handle raw sewage, available with guide rails and duck foot bends.        

RABST - fully submersible pumps designed to handle all applications especially slurries waste water and mine drainage.